Arduino Nano

The controller board used in ARBD1 is Arduino Nano. Arduino Nano uses ATMEGA328/ATMEGA168 microcontroller. It has 14 digital I/O pins, 8 analog pins and 6 PWM pins among the digital pins. The complete specifications of Arduino pins are described below.
Hatchnhack Arduino Nano

Arduino Nano specifications

Micro-controller ATmega328P - 8 bit AVR Microcontroller
Operating Voltage 5V
Recommended input voltage for Vin Pin 7V-12V
Analog Input Pins 8 (A0-A7)
Digital I/O Pins 14 (6 PWM Pins)
DC Current on I/O Pins 40mA
DC Current on 3V3 Pin 50mA
Flash Memory 32KB (Bootloader 2KB)